Andreu Jacob - Composer & orchestrator / Producer / artist performer

Andreu Jacob has participated in several jazz festival and international  seminars , such as:

10 Miedzynarodowy Festival, Makej Formy Jazzowey, Krakaw (Poland) 1995

13 Jazz na Kresach de Zamosc (Poland) 1995

Festival L..Hora del Jazz “memorial Tete Montoliu” Barcelona (Spain)

Nantes Festival (France)

Festival Mas i Mas Festival - 30 minuts de música a la Pedrera / Barcelona (Spain) 2007

Kosz Festival (Germany)

27 Seminari Internacional de Jazz i músiques improvitzades  Taller  de  Músics  /  Barcelona  (Spain)

Seminari internacional Jazz Flamenco música mediterrània & improvisada - (Begues)

Châteaudun Jazz (France)

X Festival de Jazz de Lleida «Jazz Tardor» (Lerida)

24 Seminari internacional de Jazz (Begues)

BCN, t’ho Porto 3 Festival MausHábitos (Portugal)

12 è Festival  de  Flamenco de CiutatVella (Barcelona)

17 MMVV - Festival música viva de Vic 

37  Voll  Damm  Festival  Internacional de Jazz (Barcelona)

ANANIL junho 2006 / Montemor–o-novo (Portugal)

ANANIL junho 2007 / Montemor–o-novo (Portugal)

ESPIRELIA JAZZ 2007 / Lorca /(Murcia)

Festival Outono 2009 - Montemor o Novo-Portugal

Marathon Jazz CCCB (Barcelona)

International Telemark Festivalen /  BØ  Telemark (Norway) 2016 


AWARDS and prizes (under updating)

Awards for the film "ANDETAGET"

Best Composer  at "Venice Shorts " California "(U.S.A) 2021

Rome International Movie Awards

2021 (Italy)

Best Original Score

Best Drama


Awards for the film "ANTIKK"

Best Scariest Film

Best Cinematography

Best Actress  at Horror Film Festival (Utah / USA) 2020

Best Horror Short - at Ravenheart International Film Festival (Norway) 2020.

Best Short - at Horror Hound Film Festival (U.S.) 2020

Best Film- Hollywood Horror Festival  U.S.A.  2020 (finalist)


Best Dark Comedy -  in the 6th annual Top Shorts Los Angeles U.S.A.  2020 

Honorable Award

Best "Cinematographer of the month" at "12 Months Film Festival". Romania  2020  (nomination)


Short Film Corner - The Short Films Selections at the 71st Festival de Cannes

Best child actress - Västerås Filmfestival" Sweden 2019

Best Thriller / Suspense Film - Toronto Film Festival 2020

Настоящий сценарий "The Real Screenplay"
Best Picture 2018" Ленфильма "LenFilm", Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Award for "HUMANS" film from "Accolade global Film competition" (U.S.A.) 2018, in the category Best Picture.​​​​

Award for the  film "HUMANS" from International Film Festival FESTIGIOUS in Los Angeles (U.S.A.) 2018, in the categories: Best Experimental Film 

Awards for the Feature film "Innocent MARA" from International Film Festival FESTIGIOUS in Los Angeles (U.S.A.) 2018, in the categories: Best Picture, Best Actress , Best Narrative Feature 

Rome International Movie Awards 2021 (Italy) Best Original Score - ANDREU JACOB "Andetaget"
Innocent MARA soundtrack by Andreu Jacob

Award for SANCTUARY film for Best drama short in the International Film Festival (Genre Celebration Festival ) SHANGHA (2017)

Nominated for "Best Score" in the International Film Festival (Genre Celebration Festival ) SHANGHA 2017 for the film Sanctuary.

Winner of contest composition, in Madrid at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in its 75 year anniversary (Spain)

22 Special Production Award Generalitat de Catalunya, Department of Culture (Tour Ressons).

37 Festival de Jazz de Barcelona prize Ethno SyntheticJazz production.

Nominated for best fusion album by the hard BLOW (2010) music awards editionXIII

Nominated for best album of the year for the album BLOW (2010) music awardsedition XIV

Nominated for best sound engineer for the album BLOW (2010) music awardsedition XIV

Nominated for best fusion album by album (Глаза Господа) (2011) musicawards edition XV

Nominated for best album of the year for the album (Глаза Господа) (2011)music awards edition XV

Nominated for best sound engineer for the album (Глаза Господа) (2011) musicawards edition XV

Nomination on several occasions and categories in the awards MUM

Nominated for best fusion album by album OUTSIDE (2009) music awards editionXIII

Nominated for best album of the year by the hard OUTSIDE (2009) music awardsedition XIII

Jaçz Award nomination forbest album 2009, for the record OUTSIDE (2009)

European awards 2006 Brusselas  «awarded in 4 diferents categorys»

El mar no es azul (Manga Films) award for best Erotic Movie FICEB 2005 (International Film Festival Barcelona 2005)

He was picked for thespecial productions part at the MUM 2005

La memoria de los peces (Manga Films) «Golden Star» awarded at the Prague Festival, 2004

Internacional Festival Film Barcelona «2 Golden Nymph» 2004

Laura is alone (Lauren Films) «Golden Nymph» Festival, Barcelona, 2003

SANCTUARY, Original motion picture soundtrack by ANDREU JACOB


composer - orchestrator / music producer / artist performer

Is considered one of the featured modern composers on the international scene. His interdisciplinary work crosses boundaries of fine art and live performance in collaborative settings and he is highly regarded as an accomplished composer working at the cutting edge of musical investigation and practice. Currently based in Norway. 


He has participated and realized in many international live concerts, studio recordings, productions and post-productions,

He worked with television producers like "Albiñana Films , Jazz Films,  among others.

Has composed soundtracks for feature , short and documental films for Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Canadian, American  and Spanish film productions.

In  actuality  he  work  with cinema producers like Epic Lands Production (Russia), CPPB Inter-tainment (Canada) or  Integral Film AS  (Norway) with  productions  founded  by   The Norwegian Film Institute , etc. "among others"

His soundtracks have been present in the most prestigious international film festivals such as the 70th and 71st Cannes Film Festival (France), Manhattan Film Festival (U.S.A) 2019, ARCTIC OPEN International Film Festival - Arhangelsk (Rusia) 2018 , or the International Film Festival (Shanghai) 2017, etc. getting awarded and nominated in different categories.

Has been Jury member at the International "Peterhof Film Festival" in Saint Petersburg (Russia) 2021.

Jury member in  TNISSFF "The Norwegian Film International Seagull " (Norway) 2019 /2020.

Jury member in  7th edition  CURTA NEBLINA (Latin American Film Festival)  São Paulo (BRAZIL) 2020.  Among others.

Andreu Jacob works as a composer / orchestrator, music producer, sound designer and musical arranger.

Is specialized in audio synthesis, and architectonical acoustic. 

He was a member on board of directors of "Association of Jazz Musicians and Modern Music of Catalonia" AMJM (Spain -  2005 / 2007)

He is currently a member from Norsk jazzforum (Norway) - AIE (Spain) - SGAE (Spain)

He has performed concerts in:

Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, U.S.A. , United Kingdom etc. 


Composer of the symphony "El salt de les estrelles" in the 57th International Astronautical Congress "Expanding the Space" 2006 / Organized by Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània in collaboration with Leonardo/Olats Co sponsor: International Academy of Astronautics

Andreu Jacob participated in the Guiness Record’s symphony for 104 drums (Fer volar coloms), which was written and directed by Santi Arisa.

Through out his musical career he realize Master classes  in international and national conservatories, superior music colleges, learning centers and music schools. such as: S.A.E. , Taller de Músics , L'AULA de música moderna i Jazz - Conservatori del Liceu ... among other.

Has produced experimentation banks, articles, live demos and technical support for a great number of magazines and companies. During his professional career, big companies from the music sector have sponsored him:

Zildjian, Evans, Tama, Music Distribución, Musicmania, Ventamátic, Directworld, Adagio, Clavia, Casio, Native Instruments, UVI (Falcon) , SoundYeti (Ambition), CM pro "Indiegogo/Air Xkey", Steinberg, Propellerhead, KV331 Audio (Synhtmaster) , Fearless estudio, phantom sound, Sound Art,Microfusa, MI7, Sibelius, PRK Percusión, M. Kozak, Udus S.Pardo.


As a  international  composer  / musician has made

labs and live demos for institutions, such as:

UVI, SoundYeti (Ambition), Adagio, Musicmania,

Tama,  Ventamatic, Emagic, Sound Art , Microfusa ,

 Clavia   " Ddrum 4  / Nordlead 2 / Nord

Modular " Propellerhead,  KV331 audio (shyntmaster),



Andreu Jacob  has  also  obtained,  as a  composer,

scholarships from institutions as:

Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid) SPAIN


Has worked or had shares in performances with :

Alicja Satrurska, The Great Resonance Choral , Maksym Dyedikov, Garrison Fewel, Skip Haden, Chano Dominguez, Geir Johnson, Siri Torjesen , Dorina Konami , Jordi Bonell , Albert Bover, Miguel Poveda, Rob Stillman, Marina Albero, Vegar Vårdal, Elisabeth Karsten, Miles Griffith, Max Sunyer, Jordi Gaspar, Giulia Valle, Michael Grossman, Choral Zangensemble SLAVA, Conrad Setó , Errol Woiski, Jordi Rossi, Chema Vilchez, Ginge Anvik and many others. etc

Also has worked with literary poets like :

Anne Lande, José María Herranz, Luis Antonio de Villena, Randi Mossing etc.


In the project "KUNST art symbiosis" has wrote music and worked with prestigious painters graphic artist , conceptual photographers and performers, such as:

Gottfried Helnwein, Dmitry BorisovYoung-sung Kim (김영성)Emanuel DascanioPeter Gric, Guennadi Ulibin, Thomas DoddLaurie Lipton, Ian BrodieСергей Маршенников, Lara Zankoul, Peter Coulson , Andrii Bondarenko (cirque du Soleil) , Brooke Shaden, Tommy Ingberg, Alex Timmermans, 翁梁源 , Владимир Федотко ... 


With more than 1500 music compositions written (more than 800 publishised) and participations in over a hundred recordings with artist around the world.

His music is contemporary in his nature, with a clear concept classic and camera  , where the investigation in the sonority in his creations they mix with musical languages such as jazz and the worldmusic,  music progresive where fits any style


Zildjian, Andreu Jacob, Music Distribucion

Jury member at the International 

Peterhof Film Festival  Saint Petersburg 2021

Andreu Jacob Jury member at the International  Peterhof Film Festival  Saint Petersburg 2021, Russia
Andreu Jacob - Composer & orchestrator / Producer / artist performer