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The Forrest

ANNE   LANDE         A  N D R E U      J A  C O B     


The Forest - Anne Lande - Andreu Jacob

ANNE LANDE     Text , voice / melody voice

ANDREU JACOB  Music and Orchestration




Wandering in twilight zone

in the forest on my own

suddenly a tone so pure

brings me melancolic cure

feel your tender touch and see

you are here - but cannot be

hear you humming - soft your tune near and clear - this afternoon


lines of pictures from the past

we both knew it could not last

joy and spring and light we shared both of us were unprepered

sad sad songs will repear

dark blue sky is always near 

now and then in lonely walk

you are near and we can talk


grief can be a little star

leads you back to who you are

                                   Anne Lande


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