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Short film "Humans" which is based on a poem by Iranian Poet Nima Yushij "Ay Adamha".

Directer: Alex Afshar
Producer: Rasha Khoury 
Cinematographer: Willy Lukwago
Drone photographer: Enver Ramirez
Audio design and music composer: Andreu Jacob  
Mastering Audio: Andreu Jacob
Poem: Nima Yushij 
Artist/illustrator: Farid Zarrinbal


Farid Zarrinbal
Rasha Khoury
Ewin Ghaderi
Lars Hansson
Lovisa Ahlinder
Angosom Habtemichael 
Jalil Taghizadeh
Peejay Walters

Produced by:      Rasha Khoury 

Corporated by:  

A collaboration between "Alla har en historia" and "Film För Fred". 
With the support of "Kulturungdom", "ABF" and "Film Cloud".

HUMANS  Oficial website

Humans / Original motion picture soundtrack Andreu Jacob



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