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          YOGA music experience

Andreu Jacob , Chema Vilchez

YOGA Music Experience


Concert. Andreu Jacob - Chema Vilchez In these times, as the music also seems to have succumbed to the dictates of the market, is not common to find a musical project of similar quality and the ability to thrill audiences as diverse . Two renowned musicians, Andreu Jacob and Chema Vilchez, who offer us exceptional repertoire, a tsunami of freedom, beauty and authenticity of pure and fresh air to our ears. Flow - Yoga Music Experience, oozes talent and is extremely creative, a proposal which flow and percussion, trumpets, pianos Andreu Jacob with guitars, mandolas Synthesizers Chema Vilchez intertwine over the many strange instruments brought by both Eastern . If the listener is carried away by this sonic journey, quite possibly will discover that transformed not only music, but a source of spirituality and positive energy that flows from each composition, an elixir that will take us to the best. So if you love good music, if you want to live an intense, different and positive, sit, breathe peacefully, close your eyes, put attention and discover a new world where all share something essential, a deep sense of unity and freedom


Andreu Jacob         Khaly sound , piano, drums , misc. Percussions ,  voice , duduk, crotales and gongs

Chema Vilchez      Arpguitar , mandola , voice , tambura

YOGA music experience


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