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ATARAXIA / Andreu Jacob copyright © 2017

ATARAXIA (ἀταραξία, " not perturbed "

01. Folded in my bones

02. Mahadna

03. Nashnill

04. The ancient Greek

05. Epicureanism


07. Nefarious

08. Hiraeth

09. Solitude

10. Equanimity

11. Mellifluous

12. Pyrrhonism

13. The caress of the wind

Foldet in my bones (Single) © 2019 Andreu Jacob


Tomàs Espanyó                         Cello     Folded in my bones  /  Nashnill 

Vegar Vårdal                              Violin    The caress of the wind

Rosa María Luna Briceño        Poetry  Folded in my bones

Documentary archive  


We often confuse SUSCEPTIBILITY with  SENSITIVITY. The susceptibility is the skin of the ego, the sensibility the dermis of the soul. The first divides and contracts, the second unifies and expands. The first distance us, the second connects us. The emotional and physical response to both are the antechambers to a life blocked and distressed, or embraced to creativity and harmony. You can stay a whole life tied up or learn to break free.  Chema Vilchez

copyright © 2017


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