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A.Jacob & E.Karsten      

Elisabeth Karsten was born in Porsgrunn (Norway)  in 1973.


She started entering the “world of music and art” at the age of four. First within the field of ballet and shortly there after also music, primarily singing. Her mother Inger was a brilliant piano player and cooperated with opera singers and had solo concerts. Her father Bjørn was more of a jazz lover and a free spirit.


Music and ballet followed Elisabeth throughout her whole upbringing, where she attended as a performer of ballet or singer in musicales locally in Telemark or with Den Norske Opera. At the age of 12 she started giving dance classes on a regular basis as her dance instructor felt it would be a good initiation to trusting her own capability as a n artist and also she felt she had the skills to do so.

It was at the age of 15 and after having been a co-player in Faust with

Den    Norske   Opera

that she was offered

to  become   a   vocal

student     with    Jan

Sødal  at Den Norske

Opera.  This  training

continued until 2008

Due  to  the    mix   of

ballet,  Martha Gram

jazz     ballet,     show

dance,      step     and

modern    ballet   she

was   introduced    to

allot     of     different

music. This variation

made        a         huge

influence on  her and

how    the  navigated

when        performing

Gradually     she    fell

more    and   more  in

love     with    musical

expression    through



After finishing Muikk linja at Skien Videregående Skole, she studied for a year at Noregs Musikk høgskole, then started working fulltime as a singer and song writer and singing instructor.


Elisabeth Karsten has worked with for instance:


Erik Hillestad, Arild Andersen, Paolo Vinaccia, Celio De Carvalho, Bjørn Klakegg, Nils Einar Vinjor Anders Engen, Pål Thowsen, Tore Brunborg, Rolf Lislevand, Gisle Kverndokk, Brynjard Bilsbak, Nicolae Bogdan, Tormod Øvrum, Knut Johannessen, Thomas Moen, Andre Kassen, Audun Ramo, Luis Landa Schreiit, Hans Jørgen Langeland, Gunnar Dale, Kyrre Fritzner, Bendik Hofseth, Giert Claussen, Eias Muri , Bjørn Vidar Solle, Daniel Eriksen, Per Einar Watle, lars Tinderholt, Jango,  Hilde Halmrast, Gunhild Bjørkøy, Miami Sound Machine, Doc Wiley, Dave Cabrerra, Miami string quartet m.m, Andreu Jacob.


Concert arenas have varied from; performances in churches, theaters, cultural establishments, jazz clubs in variation from duo jobs to band and with orchestra.

Tv and Radio with for example; Nrk Beat for Beat, Nrk radio, P4, Radio Grenland, TV Telemark, TV-Norge – Metronom, Smooth Jazz Chanel One Texas by Dennis Gonzales.


She released FLUX at Kirkelig Kulturverksted in 1999. A production done in Norwegian and English with texts for Shakespeare and music from his coexisting time. Håvard Rem translated lyrics, producer Erik Hillestad. Flux was released in USA under the name: Shakespeare in love

Other studio related work has been in Fageborg Studio, Media Maker,

Sono Records – Prauge, Diginote Studios Miami Sound Machine and others.



o y edítame. Soy un lugar ideal para que cuentes una historia y permitas que tus usuarios conozcan un poco más sobre ti.

Quiet place - Elisabeth Karsten & Andreu Jacob
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Quiet place


Elisabeth Karsten  -   Composer, voice and drums

Gunnar Dale            -   Piano  

Kyrre Friztsner        -   Guitar 

Andreu Jacob          -   Music  arrangements

                                         voice,  Misc.  instruments


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